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Marketing Funnel

I know it seems like some classified top secret code that has only been cracked by a few elite marketers… but creating a money-making internet marketing funnel is really not that complicated. Did you know there are simple proven formulas to get your targeted prospects, to visit your websites, give you their contact information, and then ultimately buy not just one but many of your products and services? So what's the secret formula? It starts with creating many hyper-targeted gateways into your funnel by giving away a highly valued item for free. Then ongoing rapport building with a sequence of messages and content delivery can result in your customers buying your products and services at increasing price points over time.

Membership Websites

You can create a new low stress, recurring revenue stream for your business with a membership site.  Whether you build a completely new website or turn your existing website into a membership site where you can control access to specific content and accept payments to member only access.  You can have as many “levels” as you want for a coaching program,  club membership, paid clients, etc.  So if you want “Free Guest”, “Silver”, “Gold” and “Platinum”, you can!  You can provide more value to your customers and make more money online – all within the same website, i.e., your new membership site.

Squeeze/Sales Pages

Internet marketing is all about driving traffic, converting traffic into leads, and turning leads into sales.  The best way to convert traffic into leads is to use high converting squeeze pages, a landing page with the sole purpose of getting the visitors contact information.  Selling products and services online are best done from sales pages, a landing page with the sole purpose of selling one product or service.  Your squeeze pages can include integration of a lead capture opt-in, video, and autoresponders for follow up.  Sales pages will be completely customized with eye-popping graphics and payment integration.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the fastest growing call-to-action platforms for internet marketing.  You can hyper-target prospects by keyword interest, geography, or who they follow.  You can segment your company’s twitter marketing by brand or customer segment.  We will brand your twitter pages to match your company’s website and manage your accounts.  Results for twitter marketing are evident with trackable links and click thrus.   And it’s not just speculation anymore… studies have proven a Twitter follower is worth just as much or more than a Facebook Fan in terms of a ROI for your business.

Facebook Marketing

It’s Facebook... So you know everybody is on it but how are people making money on Facebook?!?!  We will start by creating an army of raving fans of your products and services.  The average Facebook Fan has a monetary value to you and your business if you know how to market to them.  We will help you create value for your Facebook network so you can turn fans into leads and new business.  Integrating Facebook with your website ties you into a network of 500 million business prospects.  Get ready to explode your business with Facebook Marketing.

Video Marketing

Did you know YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world?  That’s because people are lazy and want to be shown what to do without reading.  Now that you know this, you can start using high-impact, attention getting videos to promote your products and services like all the top marketers.  Video promotions are everywhere, squeeze pages, sales pages, websites, press releases, video directories like YouTube, and the best part is that search engines like Google will rank your video promotions very high if you let us keyword optimize them for you.  You are now on your way to turn your we pages and other marketing pieces into ATM cash machines!

Article Marketing

Do you need content for your website or some other marketing piece?  Want push your site to the 1st page of search results?  OK, getting on page one is nice and that’s our long-term goal for you but it’s not all about being on the first page of Google.  There are short-term goals of getting maximum exposure for your business’ products, services, and offers.  We can do this by writing quality articles and publishing them in the best directories.  Your content can be repurposed for use in other marketing strategies as well.

Email Marketing

Good ole faithful.  Even though open rates keep decreasing, email auto-responders, newsletters, and product messaging via email are critical to any marketing funnel. 

We can design and manage all of your email marketing needs including setting up your auto-responder account, integrating your opt-in forms into your websites, and segmenting your lists interest in your specific products and services.

Craigslist Marketing

Are you spending too much time posting or replying to ads on Craigslist or other classified ads?  Why not let us do the work for you, so you can concentrate on the important parts of your business.  Posting ads are one tiny component of marketing on Craigslist.  You can get super hot leads via email, phone call, or web opt-in with Craigslist Replies, an UNDERGROUND Internet Marketing Strategy that we will put to work for you!  This is how it works… we will targeted email replies to as many Craigslist ads as you want!  The beauty of Craigslist replies is that we respond to your prospects request or need with a message to interest them in your product and services! 

Mobile Marketing

Email is still the gold standard but it is getting harder and harder to get prospects to open promotional emails.  On the other hand, most people have their cell phones with them 24/7.  I don’t know about you but I open every text I get.  And so do 97% of people overall.  Yes, 97% of people open text messages.  You can create a very cost effective mobile marketing campaign to market just about anything.  Imagine being able to personalize, schedule, and broadcast text messages to your prospects just like an email.  It awesome!  And so are the results.

Automated Webinars

Want to sell your products and services on auto-pilot while you are out shopping, golfing, or goofing off?  Don't reinvent the wheel... use this proven strategy.  We will create a "LIVE" AUTOMATED WEBINAR that will drive targeted traffic to your "Money Sites", i.e. your sales pages, squeeze pages, and websites.  You can record a killer sales or prospecting presentation once and replay it over and over again as if it is live.  Tap into our experience of automating marketing and making money online and connect your automated webinar to your sales pages with a call-to-action in your presentation.

SEO Page Ranking

So is it all about being on page one of Google?  Well, it depends.  For some search terms, it is more trouble (time, money, and energy) than its worth to rank on page one.  We can help you research and determine the right keyword phrases to try to rank for.  But better than that we will help you with the on-page and off-page SEO work needed to stay ahead of your competition online.

PPC Marketing

You are surely familiar with the “sponsored links” you see on Google at the top and right on the search result page. We can set up a cost-effective pay per click campaign to drive targeted traffic to your lead capture pages using Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Mobile. Do NOT try this on your own without experience. Our team has years of experience researching keywords, writing ad copy, and placing pay per click ads on the right platform for the best ROI. We will manage your entire pay per click campaign as a part of your marketing funnel.

Product Creation

It doesn’t matter if you run a main street brick and mortar business coffee shop, a virtual internet consulting business, or a karate studio, you are missing a huge revenue stream if you have not converted your intellectual property / knowledge into a product that can be consumed by means other than you personally talking, writing, or performing a task.  Information Product can be an eBook, DVD, CD, Home Study Course, and many other formats.  We can help you brand and create your information product without making all the mistakes first-timers always make. 

Event Marketing

Your worse fear when planning an event is that nobody will show up and you will be sitting there holding the bag of all the money spent with no return.  Are you afraid that this will happen to you?  We have a proven event marketing process and strategy to get people to come to your event.  It includes a mix of email, text, phone, direct mail, social marketing, ppc, press release, and broadcasting your event across the most popular event marketing sites on the internet.  But it all starts with a killer event sales page and value proposition.  Let us work our magic for you. 

Direct Mail

Do you still like getting a special package in the mail?  Just that thought of something other than a bill to open is at the very least a break from the monotony.  Well, you are not the only one.  A good direct mail piece always has a place in an effective internet marketing campaign.  It is one of the few offline calls-to-actions that recommend to drive traffic online because it is very cost-effective and highly trackable.  We can design, lead source, and manage your entire direct mail campaign. 



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